Why Dieting Is As Bad As The ‘F’ Word

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dieting is bad

I admit, I’ve been dieting or been on a diet for as long as I can remember. It seems like a closed loop that doesn’t come with a short circuit. It all started when I discovered the joy of candy. As a kid, candy comes fast and furious from your parents or relatives. It’s nature’s pacifier after you’re no longer qualified to use one as a toddler.

I guess my parents thought having a chubby kid can be rather cute or adorable. Just like how I like my cats. My fat cat does make a better bolster for napping. However, what was given as an occasional treat grew into one of blatant indulgence. I got so fat that I could no longer fit into my school uniform and even the largest size fitted my life a wet suit. My parents had no choice but to bring me to a tailor to get my outfit customised. At the tender age of eight, I had a waistline of 42 inches and tipped the scales at 88kg. Yikes.

The turning point for me came when I was so sick and tired of the way I looked. Every time I looked into the mirror, I see a lard ball staring back at me. Wasn’t fun getting paired up with the fattest girl in school either. Took me 20 years to realise I needed a drastic change in my life and another 10 to finally get where I wanted to be.

Looking back onto my weight loss journey, I see more wrong than rights. Many things I did were rather unorthodox and resulted in little to show for. My personality is one that likes taking my endeavors to extremes which made my dieting career feel like a big ‘F’ word.

Let me count thee ways:

1.Lack Of A Social Life

Loneliness was my friend every time I went on a diet. I didn’t lock myself up in some isolation chamber to stay clear of food but more to restrict the temptation of it. I’m not a foodie but I have chocolate fudge running through my veins. It didn’t help that my friends made it absolutely to have dessert after dinner and there’s no way I was just gonna sit there and visually munch on cake. Chances are it would have caused a major relapse. Hence I was forced to stay clear of outings most of the time unless it was for something a tad more healthy like sugar-free coffee or tennis.

2. Killed The Joy Of Eating

This would tie in with my next point. As a rather perceptive person, I found that eating the same thing day in day out makes for an easier dieting process. You didn’t really have to think about what delicious item am I gonna order for my next meal, it’s just home grilled chicken breasts and boiled potatoes for me. Yup, that’s basically what I had every day for a year for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meal times were no longer highlights of the day but a 30min bland ordeal. I would think that this eating arrangement would have broken even the strongest of man.

3. Dabbling in Weight Loss Supplement

It’s interesting to read about the myriad of weight loss supplements in the market. Some are touted as the next best thing since white bread while others are more modest with their claims. I remembered the first fat burner I ever took was Hydroxycut. Oh boy, that took me on a ride I’ll never forget. The heart palpitations, cold sweats and edginess were rather bad for me. I might have even heard my cat talking to me in French. Stopped after a month. Tried a few more which didn’t do much for me until I found one that worked. Note to self: stick to fat burners that are made primarily of natural ingredients.

4. Overtraining

What good is a diet if you’re not trying to kill yourself in the gym. Unfortunately, this mantra got me into loads of trouble whilst on a diet. There were days where I could spend 4-5 hours in the gym doing weight and cardio followed by a tennis session after I was done. My body was running on fumes most of the time given that I was already eating less than maintenance calories. I didn’t just burn fat but was probably cannibalising my own muscles. There came a point when even my own mother said I looked like I was starving. My relentless training intensity also caused quite a few issues with my joints which still bother me up to today.

5. Negative Body Image

Going on a diet would normally mean one thing. I’m not happy with the way I look. Not a bad thing, one should always strive to be the best shape possible. But when dieting becomes an obsession to look like Adonis then one should rethink the purpose of it. I was always unhappy with the way I look probably due to being a fat kid which left my self-esteem battered. A healthier way of going about this is to see dieting as a change in your lifestyle and eating habits rather than a band-aid to vanity.

Final Thoughts

You might be thinking is going on a diet really that bad? Based on my experiences, not at all. It might be a jump start to a healthier you eventually. However if dieting leads you down the path where you start experiencing the above, maybe it’s time to ponder about your intentions and end goals.

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