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What Is The Lemonade Diet And Does It Help With Weight Loss?

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lemonade diet for weight loss

We all want to look and feel good about our appearances. This desire is what has led to numerous weight loss techniques. One of the strategies that some people implement is the lemonade diet which is also called the master cleanse.

Many people believe that this is the solution to weight loss since it involves eliminating solid foods for lemon juice and maple syrup. It is believed to help people eliminate toxins in the body and shed weight fast.

Before you attempt this diet, you should have all the necessary information regarding it. We will enlighten you on everything you need to know about the lemonade diet. Find out more!

What is the lemonade diet?

It is a juice cleanse that is used to get rid of toxins and melt body fat. It is an extreme weight loss program that people follow for some time. Though the duration of maintaining the lemonade diet differs in individuals, the ban of solid food remains constant. If you continue taking food and maintaining the lemonade diet, you may not see any changes in your weight.

Lemonade diet is a detoxification program that often lasts for 16 days. Experts reveal that the diet works on the toxins around your colon. When on this diet, you should only stick to four ingredients namely, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, water, and maple syrup.

Does a lemonade diet help with weight loss?

Yes. Lemonade diet is effective in weight loss, but it only offers short term benefits. When you are on a diet, you only take in less than 600 calories every day. The low-calorie liquid allows your body to utilize the fat cells as the main source of energy to facilitate body functions.

While you are on a diet, you are fasting from food which can lead to weight loss. The diet lowers the level of triglyceride in the body and prevents you from inflammation.

In normal circumstances, your body makes use of carbs you consume from food to provide energy. When you are on the lemonade diet, you don’t take any carbs. This forces your body to burn the already stored fat to release energy leading to weight loss. The problem with this diet is that it has short term results.

The main ingredients also help your body shed excess weight and cleanse it from toxins. Lemon contains vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant. Your body needs antioxidants to get rid of free radicals which damage the structure of body cells. Free radicals cause diseases such as heart failure, stroke or even hearing impairment.

This diet also includes maple syrup which contains manganese. The nutrient allows body cells to produce energy which supports body functions. Maple syrup is also a source of zinc that can boost your immune system. It is a source of other minerals such as magnesium and potassium that prevent diseases such as hypertension.

Cayenne pepper is another primary component of the lemonade diet. It is anti-allergen that prevents you from flu. It aids in the production of saliva in the mouth and helps your digestion system. You have to mix these components with pure water which keeps you hydrated during the program and make body cells turgid.

The phases of a lemonade diet

This diet comes with different phases that you should follow for it to work. Though it is not easy to stick to, following the stages to the letter is the only way you can lose weight from the program.

During the first phase, you must get rid of all unhealthy foods including fried snacks and junk in your diet. Purchase citrus fruits and the rest of the ingredients to make a lemonade detox drink. In the first days, you can take light food to help your body adjust to the new system. Ensure that the food is healthy such as whole grains or some veggies. Eat a single toast for breakfast.

The second phase is the hardest one since it lasts longer. Here, you don’t take anything apart from the lemonade drink. You should drink at least six servings of the lemonade mixture every day for five or 6 days. You can also include herbal laxative tea or sea salt during this stage to regulate bowel movements.

On the last days of the stage, reintroduce solid food gradually. Start with small meals such as a cup of yogurt or some nuts. Take some vegetable sandwich, salad or soup. Eat raw vegetables and fruits before you go on with heavy foods.

Is a lemonade diet a safe way to lose weight?

No. Though the diet is effective in weight loss, the results may be short term. It also causes severe side effects in some people such as fatigue, nausea, constipation, bloating and dizziness which come from starving yourself. It also lowers your energy level due to the lack of carbohydrates in the body. This may interfere with productivity in your daily activities.

It also prevents your body from getting essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. The diet is not balanced since you cannot get any fiber, fat or protein from the minimal ingredients recommended. Not many people can manage to go without food for two weeks.

Lemonade diet can also affect you mentally since it raises the levels cortisol in the body. High-stress levels can cause weight gain in the end.  Apart from that, the diet is not ideal for everyone. Do not try it if you are lactating or have an eating disorder. Diabetic patients and people with heart conditions should stay away from the lemonade diet.

Final thoughts

Lemonade diet promotes temporary weight loss due to the intake of a few calories in the body. It also detoxifies the colon and prevents the body from certain conditions. Though it is effective, it may cause side effects. If you desire to lose weight, you should be using strategies that give you long-lasting results and not temporary ones.

Sustainable weight loss comes from the usual proven components. A good diet where you minimise carb and sugar intake. Regular exercise where you at least work out 3x a week at a moderate to high-intensity level. And the third optional component would be to take a good fat burner.

Remember that losing weight is a marathon and not a sprint. Try to stay clear of any extreme fad or crash diet.


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