8 Signs That You Might Be Suffering From Depression

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signs of depression

Your mental state of mind can be affected by a variety of conditions that could influence the overall quality of life you can enjoy. One of the major issues found in this sector is depression, which, unfortunately, has developed into a common problem with many people around the world.

Depression can be described as a constant state of feeling depressed, leading one to pull back from most social activities in their daily routine. If left unchecked, it can severely affect one’s mental health as well as adversely tamper with their personality.

Everyone gets depressed now and then as life is not always a bed of roses. However, the continual experience of this state can be diagnosed as clinical depression, which is a certified mental condition. Unfortunately, there are no physical signs that can indicate if one is depressed, so watching out for symptoms related to this condition may be harder than you might think.

Those suffering from this issue may not even consider the possibility, as in most cases, people might not notice the change in themselves – or could attribute these developments to other reasons.

Identifying the common signs related to depression is the best way to determine if you might be suffering from this condition, some of these include:

1. Persistent sadness

One of the most common ways to identify depression is by experiencing a change in moods without any logical explanation. This change may not be as obvious as it seems, however, as it tends to take place gradually. In most cases, the sadness cannot be easily explained away and maintains a constant presence in your life.

In other circumstances, you may find that you’re continually feeling extremely sad about small issues that in reality, shouldn’t bother you that much.

2. Lack of Energy

Another sign of this condition is the development of a constant lethargic state. You may start to feel that you don’t have the energy to complete routine tasks such as simply getting up and making yourself a meal. This lack of motivation is transmitted to your physical state as you start to feel tired almost all of the time, encouraging you to do nothing but just sit or lie around all day.

3. Sleep Deprivation

If you find yourself continually experiencing sleepless nights due to a troubled state of mind, you might be suffering from depression. In most cases, you could try to sleep but keep tossing and turning all night as your brain refuses to relax and shut down for a few hours.

This disruption could be as a result of specific thoughts you’re unable to shake off no matter how much you try, or an unidentifiable element in your psyche that has refused to put your mind at ease.

4. Oversleeping

In other cases, signs of depression could exhibit the opposite of insomniac tendencies. If you feel that you’re not only tired all day – but can sleep for prolonged periods without getting the urge to wake up and be productive, you could be suffering from this condition. You might sleep till the evening, for example, and then still sleep through the night after a few hours awake on a regular basis.

5. Lack of motivation

The loss of morale for a prolonged period can also serve as a warning sign for depression. In cases where you find that you’re no longer motivated to do anything, including things that would have definitely captured your interest in the past – considering your mental state might not be jumping the gun.

If you no longer take part in any social activities or hobbies that you were crazy about in the past, for instance, then asking yourself why this is might lead to the identification of this condition.

6. Constant Irritation and/or restlessness

If you’re easily annoyed by the smallest things, leading to a hyperbolic emotional reaction – then considering your mental state may be advisable. If you find yourself crying because the delivery guy forgot to give you some extra sauce, for example, then seeking the root of your Irritation may lead to the discovery of this condition.

If your mind is constantly restless, thinking about everything at once and putting a negative spin on every subject – then you might be suffering from this condition as well.

7. Loss of self-worth

Should you find that you no longer have the belief in yourself and your abilities that you once had, you might want to consider if you’re depressed. This doesn’t deal with just feeling bad because you have lost a game or failed to accomplish an objective, but constantly feeling down about yourself no matter the occasion.

8. Enhanced pessimism

In cases where you no longer believe in good things no matter how big or small, your state of mind could be affected by depression. An enhanced pessimistic view of the world that doesn’t change no matter what happens could be a clear sign that you might be suffering from this condition.

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