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8 Reasons Why You Should Breast Feed Your Baby

why you should breast feed your baby

There is something of a political landmine surrounding breastfeeding. While doctors and nurses agree that breastfeeding is better for children, it is important that we recognize that it is the right of the mother to choose what’s best for their children, in their situation. Some mothers find it very difficult to breastfeed or painful even. […]

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7 Amazing Benefits Of A High Protein Diet

benefits high protein diet

When you think of a high-protein diet, you might think of bodybuilders or weightlifters and that is partially true. While it is well-known that protein helps you build muscle and improve your workout endurance, which also helps you tone your body, there are many other benefits you can get from it. In the scientific sphere […]

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8 Signs That You Might Be Suffering From Depression

signs of depression

Your mental state of mind can be affected by a variety of conditions that could influence the overall quality of life you can enjoy. One of the major issues found in this sector is depression, which, unfortunately, has developed into a common problem with many people around the world. Depression can be described as a […]

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13 Ways To Stop Smoking and Regain Back Your Health

ways to stop smokng

It’s no secret that smoking is detrimental to your health with all the warnings plastered over the box. Studies show that smoking causes health problems such as lung cancer, respiratory infections, and poor oral hygiene among others. So with the negativity surrounding smoking why can’t you quit? You’ve probably tried to stop more times than […]

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What Is The Lemonade Diet And Does It Help With Weight Loss?

lemonade diet for weight loss

We all want to look and feel good about our appearances. This desire is what has led to numerous weight loss techniques. One of the strategies that some people implement is the lemonade diet which is also called the master cleanse. Many people believe that this is the solution to weight loss since it involves […]

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11 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

why you're not losing weight

Have you been working out but not seeing any progress in losing weight? This is a common situation that most people struggle with. It can be frustrating putting some efforts to lose weight but getting stuck on the same pounds. Here are some of the reasons that could be preventing you from losing weight. 1. […]

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7 Ways For Making A food Log Work For Your diet

keep a food journal

As long as you know what calories are, you have seen others counting them or you may have a habit of counting them yourself. Aside from going through intense schedules for workouts and planning your meals intricately, you know that the principle of ‘calories in, calories out’ is important to lose weight, maintain it, or […]

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7 Cheat Meal Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Diet

cheat meal mistakes

Okay, so here’s a little secret about dieting which you may or may not already know: Even though there are at least 7 cheat meal mistakes that can destroy your diet, a cheat meal can also help you lose weight. What-what-Whaaat?! Yes, you heard that right. If you would like your diet to be as […]

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Why Dieting Is As Bad As The ‘F’ Word

dieting is bad

I admit, I’ve been dieting or been on a diet for as long as I can remember. It seems like a closed loop that doesn’t come with a short circuit. It all started when I discovered the joy of candy. As a kid, candy comes fast and furious from your parents or relatives. It’s nature’s […]

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Review of Ultra Omega Burn

fat burner ultra omega burn

There are a lot of different supplements out there marketed towards people who are interested in losing weight and improving their health. Our review of Ultra Omega Burn will help you understand more about it. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to determine which products are the most effective and which are just marketing scams developed to […]

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