9 Acupuncture Benefits You Should Take Advantage Of

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benefits of acupuncture

Many scientists and doctors argue about acupuncture benefits and whether these benefits are perceived or not. Despite the controversy surrounding acupuncture, many people still believe in its healing benefits and seek the help of a licensed acupuncturist.

Why is Acupuncture Effective?

Traditional Chinese doctors have used acupuncture for centuries. They believed that the body possesses life energy that flows in and out through pressure points.

When disruptions occur to this flow, the body becomes unhealthy and experiences pain. However, anyone can bring back this energy flow with the use of special thin needles. In Chinese traditional medicine, that anyone is a practitioner who knows “qi” and a license in performing acupuncture.

The acupuncturist “accesses” these points by using needles. Along with the treatment is the use of herbal supplements, and other methods such as

The benefits may vary from one person to another, but here are the nine benefits of acupuncture, noted by studies.

Benefits of Undergoing Acupuncture

  1. Overall Health Improvement

Inappropriate lifestyles and eating habits bring imbalances in your body. Some of these habits block the flow of energy. As a result, you feel pain and sickness from time to time.

Some of these sicknesses go away as your immune system tries to fight off these diseases. However, some pains don’t go away and linger for months, taking a toll on your body.

In traditional Chinese medicine, practitioners use acupuncture to restore the balance in your body. As a result, acupuncture significantly improves your health. Once the energy in your body flows freely, your body feels energized.

The energy reaches the other parts, the ones in pain, and your body starts the healing process. When your health is improved, your quality of life improves. You don’t feel pain anymore.

  1. Relaxes Your Body

High levels of stress affect your body. It can diminish your body’s ability to relax and restore balance on its own. When this happens, you feel emotionally imbalance and experience all sorts of pain. But, with regular treatment using acupuncture, your body restores its ability to relax.

Some studies show that the needles used in acupuncture help the body produce the necessary endorphins to fight off the feelings of pain. Somehow, the method triggers a part of the brain the deals with anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions.

  1. Pain Reduction

Reduced pain is the most common acupuncture benefits and applications. As already discussed, the body releases the essential hormones that deal with pain and restores the energy balance inside. When this happens, pain perception decreases. You feel a significant improvement in parts where you feel pain.

Back pain, joint sprains, muscle strains, neck pain, and arthritis are some of the pains that acupuncture can treat.

  1. Fast Recovery

Some doctors who acknowledge acupuncture benefits recommend their patients to undergo acupuncture treatment after a particular type of surgery. Acupuncture increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and scaring. The increased blood circulation helps your body to recover faster and heal from the inside.

  1. Restores Emotional Balance

Acupuncture treatment has an emotional aspect. During treatment, the practitioner accesses these points to restore emotional balance. This restoration is more of a side effect, rather than primary. Some people who are suffering from depression, frustration, and anxiety resort to this treatment when western medicine fails to pacify their internal battles.

Insomnia is also a type of imbalance in sleep patterns. It is either an emotional response or a medical disorder. With acupuncture treatment, you can improve your sleep pattern, especially if insomnia is an emotional response to stimuli.

Acupuncture relaxes the body, and this relaxation effect helps your mind to let go of the things preventing you from sleeping early.

  1. Strengthens Immune System

Acupuncture benefits include improving health, helping your body relax better, and restoring emotional balance. All these positive effects create a synergetic impact on your body. The result is strengthening your immune system. Because your body doesn’t deal with too much stress, your immune system has a better way of dealing with sickness.

  1. Relief from Menopausal and Premenstrual Symptoms

Since acupuncture is associated with improved emotional balance, it can also relieve you from PMS or menopausal symptoms. Some of these symptoms include cramps, mood swings, night sweats, and headaches. Some claims say acupuncture treats infertility.

  1. Improves Respiratory Health

Inflammation causes diseases. With acupuncture treatment, inflammation is reduced. Some patients of acupuncturists reported relief in breathing after one or two sessions. Aside from the restoration of balance and energy flow, the primary cause is the reduction of inflammation in the body.

  1. Induces labor

Through specific points, acupuncture can induce labor to pregnant women. This treatment is recommended when the health of the mother and the baby is at risk or when the expected due date already exceeded.

Risks Associated with Acupuncture

Despite the acupuncture benefits, risks with this treatment were reported. These risks happen if you schedule with a practitioner with no license.

Some of the reported risks are bleeding, allergic reactions, nerve injury, dizziness, nausea, bruising, and infections.

3 Things to do to Decrease Risks

  • Find a licensed acupuncturist.
  • Talk to your primary doctor first before scheduling a treatment with an acupuncturist.
  • Tell everything about your medical condition and the medicines you take to your acupuncturist. During the treatment, tell your acupuncturist when you feel something different such as extreme pain instead of a tingling one.

Can Acupuncture Treatment Cure Your Pain or Sickness Alone?

No. Acupuncture has synergetic effects, and treatment doesn’t stop with puncturing your body with needles. The procedure isn’t limited to one session. It may include several to many sessions that may last for weeks or months, maybe even a year.

Some use heat to stimulate the nerves. The latest trend includes the use of mild electrical shocks through the needles.

Many acupuncturists tell you to lead a healthy life and adopt a nutritious diet. Many acupuncturists include herbal supplements and other stimulating methods as part of the treatment.


Acupuncture is beneficial and is used in conjunction with other treatments. It is risky if the practitioner isn’t licensed acupuncturist.

Some acupuncture benefits include improvement in health and reduction of pain, but may vary from one person to another, too.

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